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Glass Doors

Performance that meets the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and meets the latest energy standards. Efficient division between the glass and steel reinforcement, reducing significantly the risks of condensation. Multi-chamber profiles and multiple weatherstripping help eliminate most outside noise.

The appearance of your home will change dramatically with beautifully finished ECOGLASS glass doors.


Sliding Glass Door (OXXO) 

  • The 4 panel configuration comes with two operable sashes on the inside and two fixed sashes on the sides

  • These doors slide open smoothly and quietly thanks to:

- Patented dual-tandem nylon wheels

- A raised rail to protect the wheels from dirt and debris

- Perfectly straight and carefully adjusted parts to minimize friction and make for smoother operation

Twist 8.jpg

Tilt &Turn Terrace In-Swing Door


  • General Features:

- Two sashes: One opening outward (T sash) ;And one opening inward (Z sash)

- Sashes designed to work with the largest surface hinge systems on the market 

- New sash reinforcement 

- Pressure balance system ensures optimal drainage 

- Same key dimensions as the window

- Multipoint locking system around the entire perimeter for perfect soundproofing and optimum security and airtightness

- Continuous double weatherstripping with polymer compression seals to eliminate air and water infiltration

  • Configurations :

Multiple assemblies are possible for double doors: with fixed mullion or astragal.


Sliding Glass Door (OXXXXO)


  • This is a six panel sliding glass door with 4 operable sashes in the middle and 2 fixed sashes on both sides

  • Can come with or without the Screen Door

  • Maximum opening of 24"

  • Robust profile design offers superior thermal performance, maximum sturdiness and durability without reinforcement.

  • Sill with two-level drainage ensuring excellent water evacuation.

  • Weatherstripping are located on an adapter to make them easier to replace if required.

  • Patented tandem wheels in ultra-durable nylon leave no marks on the rail and provide smoothness of operation.

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