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NOVA Series

Manufactured in vinyl, these virtually maintenance free windows and doors are designed to add beauty and functionality to your project. Nova series windows are versatile, with an incorporated nail fin for wood construction and a flange for masonry (block) openings.

Operation Styles Available: Fix/Picture, Single Hung, Horizontal Slider, XOX Slider

Eco Glass Single Hung Windows.jpg

Stunning Features

3/4" Insulated Glass Unit

Substantial glass package components provide superior performance

Low-E ClimaGuard  55/27 Glass Package

Low ultraviolet and heat transmission through window

Air/Argon Filled Chambers

Versatility of the chamber fillers

Aluminum Spacers

Filled with desiccant and insulated with primary and secondary sealers

Practical Functionality

Beveled, multi-chambered extruded vinyl

Excellent structural integrity and performance

All metal window rollers

All metal window rollers are durable and operate smoothly

Autolock Handle

One touch close and lock

1" and 1-3/8" Nail-on Fin Depth

Expanded selection of nail-on fin depths increase application compatibility


Window Hardware

Automatic locks for horizontal and hung windows close and lock with one simple click.

All metal window rollers provide durable and long lasting operation. Integral pull rail makes opening the window easy.


One-touch close and lock system


All-metal window roller


Integral pull rail


Weep hole

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